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Mozilla Development Network

MDN_1a_150x172.png Welcome to the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)

You may have noticed a few changes. Don’t worry, everything you love about MDC is still here. We just wanted to introduce a new name that better represents our current developer communities and all the great products and services people work on.

We now have a network of diverse developer communities that cover the Web, Mobile, Add-ons, Applications and Labs. The Mozilla Developer Network is a way to unify them under a single identity and provide a platform for future programs and campaigns to address the needs of every developer. We have big plans for the MDN and will be introducing more exciting changes in the coming months, so stay tuned.

Bueno esta el página de Mozilla para desarrolladores, llamado el Mozilla Developer Network, ahi pueden encontrar ayuda sobre las tecnologías web a utilizar para desdarrollar sitios web, addons entre otras cosas. La liga es Saludos.